Virtual Offices

Whether you are just starting your business, operating out of your home or expanding to a new market, Lake Wellington offers all of the amenities of a professional office facility without all of the associated high costs.

Packages start at $75 per month.

You’re basically a one-person operation running out of your garage, and you can barely afford to hire a receptionist to answer the phones. So how do you create the illusion that you’re a successful agent with offices on Wall Street or Rodeo Drive?

A growing number of small business owners are joining virtual offices to get a business address in a prime location, access to professional office facilities and a team of assistants.

Paying a monthly fee for business identity products isn’t a new concept, but it’s catching on as the faltering economy makes it difficult to rent expensive office space or pay a receptionist’s salary.

The first impression when you call a company and someone answers his own phone, is usually that it’s a small business there isn’t any staff. Giving the illusion that you are larger than you are, will set the stage for you to be taken more seriously and be considered a qualified business to consider.

An affordable monthly plan can buy a local or toll-free number and fax number, receptionists and an administrative team. Professionals can even gain access to a first-rate office where they can hold meetings, receive mail, and have their names printed on the lobby sign.

Give the appearance of being a larger organization without the overhead, the expenses and responsibilities of having full-time employees or an actual office.

Article was featured in the Palm Beach Post on February 23, 2009.

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